Broken heart has pushed Sister Derby to support LGBTQ+ – Netizen

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Broken heart has pushed Sister Derby to support LGBTQ – Netizen. A failed musician who has become an LGBTQ activist overnight, Sister Derby has thrown her support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group (LGBTQ ) calling for legalization in Ghana.

But in the rightful thinking of a Facebook user called ‘Ebe Frim’, the heartbreak suffered by Sister Derby in the hands of Medikal could be a reason she might have no interest in the opposite sex any longer.

“She is supporting it cos the broken heart is too much” he stated in his reaction to Derby’s support for the group.

Historically, Medikal and Sister Derby were in a serious amorous relationship until the rapper dumped her for Fela Makafui because of the big ass of Fella, cooking skills and other factors.

For the purpose of clarity, most Africans frown at the thought of legalizing homosexuality as it defies every aspect of their socio-cultural and religious principles.

Homosexuality is illegal in about 30 African countries and has laws that reprimand individuals caught in the act.

In Ghana, there have been several advocates pushing for its ban while some others have argued for it to be legalized including Sister Derby. Broken heart has pushed Sister Derby to support LGBTQ – Netizen.

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