Celebrities Campaigning Against John Dumelo Are Greedy Hypocrites – A Plus

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Celebrities Campaigning Against John Dumelo Are Greedy Hypocrites – A Plus. Musician-turned-politician Kwame Asare Obeng aka Kwame A Plus is saying celebrities campaigning against fellow actor John Dumelo are hypocrites who are there for monetary benefits.

According to him, he sees these celebrities as opportunists who have realized that the sitting MP Lydia Alhassan and President Akufo-Addo are in government and have some money to spare so they are eager to do whatever it takes for it.

In a video, A Plus said when they used to campaign for the incumbent president when he was just a candidate, these celebrities were “protecting their careers” and didn’t want to meddle in politics.

“…these celebrities campaigning against John Dumeleo are hypocrites. They are now following the opponent because they like where the money is. When we used to campaign for President Akufo-Addo as a candidate in the years past, they said they were protecting their careers,” he said.

A Plus also added that these celebrities will turn and follow John Dumelo should the NDC win the election which implies that their allegiance to President Akufo-Addo and the NPP is questionable.

Some local celebrities have been to the Ayawaso West constituency in the past days to campaign against John Dumelo, the parliamentary candidate of the NDC which has become topical. While some blast these celebrities for abandoning and turning against one of their own, others see it as harmless. Celebrities Campaigning Against John Dumelo Are Greedy Hypocrites – A Plus.

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