Remembering Ofori Amponsah’s Sensational Backing Vocalist “She Love”

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Remembering Ofori Amponsah’s Sensational Backing Vocalist “She Love”. Known in real life as Yvonne Ohene Djan, SHE as many call her within the showbiz circles has constantly been the female voice we hear in a lot of hot and hit songs in the country of which cut across all genres of music, from Hiplife to Hi-life through to reggae and Gospel.

Whiles listening to Ofori Amponsah songs, one question will keep ringing in our heads and it’s none other than ask who are these sweet melodic angels backing him. this is not much about people but a person as the highlife legend kept his records intact with the best and she is no other than She Love.

The two of them recorded a lot of songs together and it is unfortunate that She Love’s name was never kept in the records book for these many classics they churned out. She somewhere around 2012 expressed her dissatisfaction towards the treatment of sidelining backing vocalists from records as it disregards their good works.

currently, She Love is venturing into acting after trying her hands on a solo music career and recently released a movie titled KWEIBA in which she starred alongside the legendary David Dontoh, Emelia Brobbey and others.

Aside from working with Ofori Amponsah, she’s worked with other several acts from back in the days including Daddy Lumba, Kwabena Kwabena among others and backed over 100 songs which all turned out to be classical hits. Let’s first take a look at her songs with ofori amponsah.
a. Otoolege
b. Emmanuella
c. Cindarella
d. Kwame ko
e. Pudoo
f. Sardine
g. Atweetan
h. Odo Ndwon
i. Damarbi
j. Lady

other songs with different acts;
1. Daddy Lumba ft. She (Lead Verse) _
a. Nana Addo Campaign Song.
b. Tokurom
c. Huhuuhu
d. Always Love U
e. Wabaso
f. Mesee Da
g. Nepa Hu Yehu
h. Sewea si
i. Awo ft. Sakodia
j. Holiday
k. Nana Wuo
l. Agenda
m. B. Power
n. Ogyeboso
o. P.O.P
p. Angel
q. Charleskale
r. Sika

2. Kojo Antwi ft. She _
a. Anniversary

3. Kwabena Kwabena ft. She _
a. Fakye
b. Meye
c. Aso
d. Oyonko
e. Bibini Ba
f. Sweet Baby

4. Obour ft. She–(Lead Verse) _
a. Konkonti baa
b. Mesuodaye

5. Samini ft. She –(Lead Verse) _
a. Where my baby dey
b. Samini
c. Fakye
d. Movement
e. Still in love
f. African Lady
g. My Kind of Girl ft. Face

6. Kofi Bee ft. She _
a. Belinda
b. Me Di Makuma A Ma Lovie ft Tinny, kk fosu.

7. Okyeame Kwame ft. She _
a. Matiawhe ne do mu

8. Sidney ft. She –
a. Sante No
b. Ma sweety
c. Meko

9. The Late Micheal Dwamena ft. She _
a. Ngozi

10. Dasebrea Dwamena ft. She _
a. You stole my heart
b. Odo Ahendi
c. Hwe Sesie Ne Ahwenee

11. George Darko ft. She _
a. Odo Color

12. Rex Omar ft. She _
a. Didadadidi
b. Ajala
c. Palm wine

13. Kwesi Pee ft. She _
a. Monto
b. Nonum

14. Kofi Nti ft. She _
a. Rakia
b. Akonta

15. Castro ft. She _
a. Back n Front
b. Mama
c. Ayemufe

16. Tinny ft. She _
a. Kaa Bu Ame (Edgee Shwa)

17. Diamond ft. Castro n She _
a. Kasa Kyere Wo Kan

18. Mzbel ft. she _
a. E dey Be
b. 16years
c. Awosome
e. Yopoo
f. Kiss Me

19. Becca ft. She _
a. Daakeda
20. Genevive Nnaji ft. She _
a. No More

21. Daddy KD ft. She _
a. Fachwe
b. Am Sorry

22. Nana Agyeman ft. Terry B, She _
a. Mr. ode

23. Nana Kwame ft. She _
a. Soja
b. Asem Sebe

24. King David ft. She _
a. Born 2 Win
b. Chi obeyke me

25. Jay Dee ft. She _
a. Alampan
b. Dzedze

26. Enkasei ft. She _
a. Mama Wei De Eko Ma Wo

27. Latifa ft. She _
a. Moboni brebreow

28. Soul Tee ft She _
a. Nyane Me

29. Kk Fosu ft. She _
a. Anadwoyede
b. Kyere Me

30. Ceza ft. She _
a. Mercy Loco
b. Sweet Fantan Diallo

31. 5Five ft.Samini n She ¬_
a. All for you

32. Cash Face ft She _
a. 419

33. D-Flex ft She _
a. Notin But Love
b. Murjana

34. Osrani ft. She _
a. If You See Your Wife And Your Mother

35. Dunsini _
a. Oya Adeaye

36. Lord Kenye ft. She _
a. Save the children

37. Reggie Rockstone ft. She _
a. Fa me boni kyeme

38. Rocky Dawuni ft. She _
a. Shake Shake

39. Nana Achampong ft. She _
a. You are my lover
b. Awoiyemu

40. Adane Best _
a. Fakye Me

41. Nana Owusu ft. She _
a. Asase wura

42. Nana Fynn ft. She _
a. Wo Pe Me Anaa

43. Borax ft. She _
a. Asee ho
b. Tene Wosa
c. odo meko

44. Bradzs ft. She _
a. One gallon

45. Black Rasta ft. She _
a. Africa

46. Tic-Tac ft. Vip n She _
a. Angelina

47. R2Bees ft. She _
a. Kiss your hand (album)

48. Old Soja ft She _
a. Bra

49. Reggie Zippy ft. She _
a. Hit and Run

50. Tala Fatal ft. She _
a. Forgive and forget
b. Never Give U Up
c. Fakye

51. Araz ft. She _
a. Ena me ne souky

52. Kaykeyre Kwame Appiah ft. She _
a. Odo meko

53. Mimi ft. She _
a. Tattoo

54. No Tribe ft. She _
a. Bohye
b. Odo Ben Ni (Worship Medley)
d. Aseda
e. Ayeyi (Praise Medley)

55. Ohenemaa Mercy ft. She _
a. Reason Why

56. Pastor Josh Laryer ft. She _
a. Emerae album

57. Great Ampong ft. She _
a. Hosana

58. Ceccy ft. She _
a. Waye Awie

59. Nana Akusa ft. She _
a. Nyankopon wo yenmu
b. Nyame Dome

60. Rev. Isaac Ofori ft. She _
a. Winner man

61. Rev. Yawson ft She _
a. Will sing

62. Lady Prempeh ft. She _
a. Etufaa

63. Akosua Agyepong ft. She _
a. Wake up

64. DSP Kofi Sarpong ft. She _
a. Meto Ndwom

65. Grace Ashy ft. She _
a. Double double

66. Martin Heyford ft. She _
a. Nokonoko be

67. Mama Justine ft. She _
a. Adom

68. Andy Frimpong Manso ft. She _
a. Nyeme aye

69. The Late Terry Bonechaka ft. She _
a. Sweetie Sweetie
b. Puulele Album

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